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The first book by Dr Azhar Waheed published in 1987. The artwork on cover was originally painted by Abdul Wahid Nadir-ul- Qalam. The book was published under the direction of Sufi, Saint and Intellectual Hz Wasif Ali Wasif(reh).

Cover of the book 'Pehli Kiran'
Cover of the book 'Dil-e-har Qatra'
Cover of the book 'Harf-e-Aghaz'

The second publication conisiting of enlightening quotes with context in spirituality. The book was
published long after the first one in 2006. The book’s artwork was done by the famous Hanif Ramay
(Artist turned politician). The book was published during he was working in Ittefaq hospital as a
pediatriacian and is on seconnd edition now. The book is a continuation of the first, only more

The third book by Dr Azhar Waheed, published 2016, contains essays. The book is esentially a
collection of the preludes and editorial colums written by Dr Azhar Waheed in the quaterly Wasif
Khayal. The book’s counterpart book for Daily Nai-Baat colums is Aks-e-khayal and is coming out

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