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Clarity of Concept

Action without thought is a stray bullet. A thought without action is a seed lying dormant in the ground. Thought is the trail on which actions tread the way towards a destination. Thought is a preamble of every Genesis of action. As they say and say very rightly, “Clarity of concept is the key to success”, provided the thought is right. Thought is the building block of concept. Man becomes great by virtue of his concept. If concept is virtuous, little action becomes significant. If concept is not transparent, Wall Street of actions assumes an art of conspiracy and hypocrisy. The real identity of man is what he keeps in mind_____ and what he keeps in mind is a concept. Belief is a concept and disbelief is still another sort of concept.

A conceptual thought is like a beam of light that pierces the darkness of unconsciousness. A simple and humble conceptual work surpasses the mega structures of monuments in history. Tons of actions are destined to go trash, if concepts are not clear and intentions are not transparent. This rule of thumb holds good on individual level as well as on national level.

One, who is not clear in his thoughts, lives his life in slavery. He is a slave of his unnamed fears, prejudices and prides of unknown origin. His perspiring hard work cannot set him free of his bond of slavery. He is doing a bonded labour because he has lost the courage to say “no” to his call of desires.

Conceptual thought creates constructive work. Concrete and collective work is possible only when concepts and conscience both are clear. A conceptual line of few words is like a missile that targets the heart and soul. When soul and heart are focussed, there needs little effort to enchain the body. To capture the physical vessels is a notion of pirates. To win the heart and soul is the idea of saints. Until and unless we set ourselves free of misconceptions, we are an ocean apart from state of peace within. It is the state of peace within that paves the way to peace within a state.

Right within the civilised cities and towns, we are mislead to lead a savage life; we are forced to conceive concepts that lead to jungle law _____ concepts like “struggle for existence”, “survival of the fittest” and “cut-throat competition” are but laws of jungle. Man is facing an intellectual threat. He is being taught what he has never been taught. Teachings of prophets and saints are forgetfully set aside and man’s intellect is subjugated with biological laws that cater animals in the Amazons.

It took centuries for man to gain salvage from the life of a savage. For what good reason, we are bent on undergoing a reverse-evolution. If we devalue ourselves to animal life, it would be devolution of humanity. Man is bound to evolve himself to an ethereal level where he could be in a state of communication and communion with his Creator. One who is in communion with his Creator cannot take revenge, cannot repulse his fellow men and cannot dare to hate the created ones; he can only forgive, accommodate and love.

Here, are few lines that can align the chaotic thoughts and create a cosmos of a CONCEPT within _____ a concept that is man’s collective heritage. Here comes Wasif (reh.) to help us inculcate within us a saint-like CONCEPT and a sage-like INTELLECT.

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