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Failure that succeeds Success

Stories of Success and failure are quite convoluted. Usually success is associated with happiness and failure is tagged with a state of dejection. If so, then it is easy to understand success as subjective states of mind.

The objectives of a person seeking success are the basic yard sticks that can measure the fabrics of success. Boasting of success without an aim in mind is a show of gun without bullets. If we are not clear about what actually we are seeking for, to go for success is just like a walk for window shopping. Clarity of concept determines aims and objectives in our life and that in turn specifies the path to success. Success is not a lottery ticket that is picked at random in an open market and then dreamed to trigger a fortune one fine morning. Success can easily be read as distress, if not tailored according to our aim and objective in life.

Success is not as important in life as choosing an aim for life. To worship the statue of success is like idol- worship. In fact aim is a tag that defines the destiny of success. A humble success that treads the land of peace is far better than a land-slide success that meets a disaster.

Aims and objectives are usually taken as synonyms but each one carries a different shade of meanings. Object is obvious. Aim carries an inner entity, as well. If object is a bombshell, an aim may be considered as its detonator. Aim springs from intentions. If intention is right, object is alright.

If someone aims to visit Makkah, his getting a flight to New York will be a story of complete failure despite headline stories of his successful landing in New York Times. If intention is Makkah-Madinah, every step a traveler takes is a foot step of a pilgrimage. If death reached him before he reaches his destiny, he will be considered a martyr……i.e. total success.

To run amok in a marathon race of success is a game of mediocre. Great minds think, act peacefully and invent a success of their own. Race against time usually ends in failure. Success means harmony with time. That is why pseudo success is fatal; real success is eternal.

Success in life cannot be measured in terms of hoarding of luxuries around us we have fascinated. The true success can be scaled as how much have we facilitated the lives of people around us. In this context if we look at the nukes and ballistics that man has invented to commit a pan-global suicide, his high-tech achievement sounds a total failure. On the contrary, if we start “proliferating” food and medicines, globally, giving priority to the poorest geo-political entities, we will succeed collectively. Race for “success” among nations becomes “racism”. Success is not a coronation of single nation; global means a safe and sound journey of the whole human race.

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