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Forbearance….. A forefront of morality

Morality is a state; and forbearance is its capital. Forbearance is the founding stone of a civilized society. Forbearance is the foreword of every book of morality. Soul of human society is morality. Stronger the soul, longer lives the society.

Forbearance is much more than mere tolerance. Forbearance may well be defined as a willful tolerance. If we forego forbearance, for an instance, we have no stance in a civilized society. The best utilization of our free will is to submit it willfully. Out of fear of law, everyone has to tolerate whatever is happening against his will. Law can only restrict reacting overtly but it cannot teach us how to speak softly and politely in response to harsh words. Forbearance is the first sign of submission of will. By learning willful submission of will, we earn membership of a civic society. How come possible to get a permanent resident VISA of Divine Dominion of Godliness without willful submission of our will in favour of His Omnipotent Will!! By submitting our will, we submerge into His Will. Willful submission is the highest degree of sacrifice that enables us to witness the WILL of GOD.

Morality of a person is directly proportional to the vigor of his tolerance. More he bears the unbearable attitudes of his fellow-men, higher is his placing in morality.

Forbearance bears the brunt of other’s ill-behavior. Forbearance is a sign of morality. Intolerance is a spiritual malady. Fragrance of forbearance is emanated from a man of character. It is he who becomes the pivot around which words revolve to find their real meanings. Sincerity and character go hands in hands. Without the divine wine of sincerity, words are hollow vessels. Listeners are haunted by hollow words. Word of trust is a word delivered by a man of trust; to be trustworthy is the highest attribute of a man of character. Words are motionless bodies encased in columns of dictionaries. A man of character approaches them and blows something out of his soul in them; and words become alive. Sincerity is the soul. Character is an embodiment of sincerity.

Moral ground of society is laid down by men of moral characters. Character speaks silently; words require papers and promos. Words are echoes of wilderness, if not ever delivered on a podium of a resilient character. Words are like mile stones ____ Mile stones are not meant for reciting purpose; their purpose is to point out the way towards salvation. Without back up of a man of character these mile stones become disarrayed. At a cross road of Reality wayfarers are perplexed when they come across a mile stone having disfigured arrows.

Forbearing and enduring person acts as a shock absorber in a society. He endures the shocks of uneven attitudes of others and makes it even with a smile ____ “forget it” ____ “I will bear it” ____ he does not transmit the jerks, making the journey smooth for his fellow men. A considerable number of forbearing people enable a society to move on progressing smoothly. Forbearance is the blood that circulates in the unseen cervices of the society making it physically viable and spiritually prosperous. Forbearance harmonizes its bearer both with IN and with OUT.

Law of Action & Reaction holds good in science but no more good in morality. If every action meets a reaction, it becomes chain reaction that could end up with total disaster. To end up that vicious circle, we need a man of resilient character endowed with power of forbearance____ who could silence the torsion of mechanical tyranny of this chain reaction.

Forbearance stems from inner power of Self ____ inner power that gives us prowess to overpower the powers of physical instinct. Road to forbearance leads to sublimity. It is migration from concrete to abstract domain. The best way to inculcate within a power of forbearance is to observe the silence. Silence resolves much of the unresolved issues naturally: reaction complicates even the non-issues. Silence is the best policy to silence the unpleasant events and individuals. Another way to avoid the spell of over reaction is simply to delay the reaction.

If we could broaden the canvas of our understanding, it would be clear that everyone in this world tries his best to avoid the unavoidable; nobody can afford to be negligent willfully. So in this perspective, tolerance is a way of wisdom. Still another way to increase the stamina of tolerance is to make our paradigm shift from HERE to HEREAFTR. By shifting our focus of attention from Outer to Inner self, unwanted situations become much easier to digest and assimilate in our consciousness.

Man can tread the Road to Humanity with humble steps of tolerance and forbearance.

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