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From Duality to Divinity

The first breath of life serves an encounter of human consciousness with the world of perception. His world is all what he perceives through his five senses. His perception introduces him to a world of plurality, but this very perception does not perpetuate to conclude unity out of this immense diversity. Thus, by deploying solely perceptible data, he ends up defining multiverses. To define universe remains a dream yet to come true. Here lies a grand paradox_____ Universe is right WITHIN him, but he is busy locating it outside in the amazon of diversity. Multiverses in the outside world may serve like metaphors to decipher Universe inside.

Human intellect, in its essence, is a pursuit of unification of diversity. In the midst of wilderness of plurality, intellectual instincts are always at work to define a singularity that could describe diversity. He dwindles, throughout his life between sensorium and abstract cognition. Cognition is an insight that can map out reality without discernment of sensorial data. In its spiritual dimension, cognition constitutes what is called enlightenment. From pole of plurality to the dome of Oneness, there lies a polarity that seems unsurmountable.

To abridge this unfathomable gap between deception and perception of reality, there culminates duality. Love constitutes this duality. Duality is a transition from plurality to Oneness. Love bond between lover and the beloved straightens the never ending maze of plurality. Duality paves the way to Oneness. From communication to communion with ONENESS, all is served at the platform of duality.

Love is actually a re-awakening of consciousness. Love re-arranges our consciousness scattered in the star dust of plurality, back to stardom of Oneness. We encounter the power of ONLY ONE, only through undergoing experience of love. In the paradigm of love, we experience how only one person’s opinion determines our worth of being. It is love that can define meanings of Nearness which is more than spatial. Time and Space that fabricate plurality, start losing “weight”, ultimately becoming immaterial. Love is the safe and secure flight of consciousness from plurality onto Unity.

Love is a code of soul, when promulgated in jurisdiction of intellect, can decode plurality into duality; and then translate duality into unity. Lover and beloved act like mirror to each other. It is this reflection that defines Oneness. The ultimate paradox of concrete and abstract gets resolving under the kaleidoscope of love.

Love is a path that goes straight; rest of the tracks, going zigzag, may distract or de-track the seekers. From abyss of plurality to the zenith of clarity, it is love that leads the way. Rightly said Iqbal:

عشق کی اک جست نے طےکر دیا قصہ تمام

اس زمین و آسماں کو بیکراں سمجھا تھا میں

(It took only one leap of Love to reach the conclusion ultimate; this cosmos I mistakenly took it infinite.)

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