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From Man to Human

It took many eons and some one lac and twenty thousand prophets to evolve man into human being. Some biologist The prophets who were taught directly by their Lord, taught man humanity. It is not a hit and trial flight of thought that landed man on to the moral grounds. Man attained metaphysical and ultra- biological entity only by following the teachings of their prophets.

In prehistoric era man who was now known as homosapien ( a biological nomenclature that biologists had attributed to him) lived in jungle. Naturally, he followed law of jungle. He believed in slogans like “struggle for existence” and “survival of the fittest”. His best jingle that echoed in the jungle was “cut-throat competition”. He seriously believed in “selfishness is the best policy.” More a person is self-centred, more he enjoyed a status of legend of success. Powerful lot considered themselves justified to be unjust with common lot. Suppression and oppression of the weaker segment of the society was a norm the life of the jungle. Lust of power weakened him. Man was unaware of the moral terms like, love peace, respect , service and sacrifice. Man was taught that real respect and power stems from inside. It was a heavenly revelation that taught man what he knew not. Surely man could not know abstract realities through his tangible experience.

Gradually naked power learnt the art to camouflage its brutality. The beast inside was tamed. Taming of the beast is continuous process. It requires a follow up; and this marks the need of sainthood after the cascade of prophet came to a an eternal end.

There were people who refused and refute the prophets and their teachings. They still prefer jungle life; they simple refuse to grow. The hallmark of this universe is that every thing is interconnected with each other. Events and phenomenon are interwoven like a mesh work of a net. If you are in good books of your Saint, you are considered well in Court of your Prophet.. If someone wants to purify his soul, he must submit to the nearby Saint. Physical nearness matters not in His Eyes. Distances apart part them not at all.

فاصلے اس نظر میں صدیوںکے بھی حائل نہیں

اپنے درویشوںسے وہ ہر دور میں آکر ملے

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