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Light and Delight

Though it is difficult to identify someone’s real identity, it is much easier to identify the points in one’s life that make him delighted. If the pivotal point of delight for him is a material object, it is for sure that he is a worldly man, unaware of the worlds within him. His identity, in its real value, rests upon material things. In fact when man identifies himself with material things, he acquires false attributes because everything material, with all its attributes and identities, is mortal by default.

Man is created immortal; it is his inclination towards mortal things which makes him vulnerable to stumble towards a pit of mortality. When his Creator is immortal, how come man becomes mortal; rather he is supposed to discover Him-self. The Divine purpose of creation is to develop a process of self-discovery. It is only selfishness on part of man that keeps on suppressing his innate aptitude to self- discovery.

He, who is delighted, only by bodily satisfaction and gratification, is immersed in the swamps of selfishness. He cannot look up the sky. A glimpse of a spiritual point cannot blossom his heart and make him delightful.

Same is true for a feeling of distress. A material loss, for a materialistic man, is considered as an unbearable loss. Money matters, matter him a lot. To avoid a material loss, he is ready to negotiate everything ____ his honour, his ideas and ideals___ his believes and____ his words.

On contrary, a man of light, become delighted when he finds a point to ponder. He keeps on pondering and wondering. He is delighted only when he is enlightened. The highest point of delight in his life is the moment when he discovers a “light” within himself_____ a fountain of knowledge springs from within. A sheer ecstasy of discovery of Him-Self bestows him with the courage to sacrifice everything but the beacon of light with-in. He is delighted when this light with-in illuminates what is with-out.

Human is the most blessed creation of the Creator, for they have Prophets amongst them. Prophets are revealed in human form ____ not only to reform but transform their life creating an awareness of eternal life and light. Then saint and sage succeeded and became the light bearers. They are the torch bearer of truth and love. Like fire, light catches light. This light is a call of Eternity. Those who are in the light of love and truth are in a complete paradigm shift. This paradigm shift resets their priorities. With the change of priorities, perceptions are changed too. They react in a different way___ because their way of perception is different. Words echo their meanings differently and ____thus for a man of light ___ light and delight become synonyms.

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