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Making of a Diamond

Intent precedes thought and thought then proceeds to make actions. Action is a fruit of thought; intent is a food for thought. An ill-intention spoils the fragrance of thought and makes its logical outcome, which is action, distasteful though it may sound virtuous in its face value. Intention of a man is a mirror reflecting the real face of his faith. Faith becomes fable when intention of a believer is not true. Beautiful and galactic narrations of Truth bear no fruits when listener is devoid of truthfulness. If heart is a barren land, discussions about “Greenland” yield no greenery.

All oaks of action stem from a single seed of thought. Ill intention yields thought which is not healthy. A thought is diagnosed sick, when it keeps on revolving its own interests and fails to visualise the interests of others. The acuity of vision of a person having such vision is at stake because he can not read the scenario in totality, right in front of him. A self interested thought cannot see the horizons of sincerity. A person who is self-centred gets eccentric, as he loses the stamina to stay near the centre. Centre point of all the virtues is sincerity اخلاص

Thought is an energy that is transformed into action. If energy is not streamlined, actions are deformed. Since we are living in a world of waves it would seem feasible if we classify thought in two categories ___ high pitched and low-pitched. The thoughts which last longer, travel faster and aim high are high pitched; high pitched thoughts are silent and sincere. Sincerity prefers the language of silence; it needs no spokesman to clarify, justify or glorify its virtues. Low pitched thoughts aim low____ they cannot traverse the sphere of physical being of humanity; they are more vocal and less practical, thus making much noises.

Thoughts that are self-interested are bad; thoughts that watch the interests of others are good. All that is good is remembered for good. All that is bad is discarded like ash in an ashtray.

Selfishness makes “self” opaque. Light of truth cannot travel through opaque objects. Selflessness paves the way to sincerity. Sincerity is transparency of intentions. To keep the thoughts and actions crystal clear, one has to be transparent in his intentions. A polluted thought creates artefacts, instead of facts, rendering actions and character both, not presentable to be followed. An intention which is transparent can ignite a thought that is ever green. Such thought can bear light to illuminate the path of travellers. Green light is the hallmark of Khizr خضر. Khizr of the era possesses the code of eternity. Ikhlas اخلاص is the abode of Khizr خضر. Only Khizr knows and teaches how to be for-ever _____ "میں سدا بہار کی بات ہوں"

To move from a shelf of perishable commodity to an imperishable entity, one has to migrate from selfishness to selflessness. He has to break the shell of his ego and to breathe out in a natural atmosphere of humanity. If he is to be human, he has to be humane. All egoistic thoughts are infertile; they cannot bore the burden of creation.

If we could manage to reside in a state of sincerity اخلاص, our thoughts will culminate into actions and then character that would be crystal clear, like a diamond; and THIS type of diamond is forever.

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