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Nearness to His Highness

Had his Highness been a physical reality, proximity could have been enough for the seeker. Had the Seeker been a physical entity, the physical nearness alone would have furnished the decorum of Love.

Man is a triad of Body, Soul and Nafs; body is the vehicle of soul and soul is the vehicle of Nafs, in yet another sequence. Nafs is usually a misnomer for any vicious and viscous trait of man but in reality, Nafs (نفس انسانی) is actually “what-he-is”___real identity of “him”. Man is the only created being that can realise his mortal being and thus can strive for being immortal, or at least he tries to remain memorable for a longer period of time. The agony of time is experienced only by man. For man, immortality is a potentiality; the essence of immortality is embedded within “him”____ his own real self. The quest of Eternity compels him to migrate from body to soul. Body is perishable that floats in unfathomable Sea of time and Space. A man of wisdom gets disembarked from his state of being body, before it gets wrecked in tides and vibes of time. He, timely, manages to steps into the Ark of Soul.

This travelogue can well be correlated with three stages of Nafs ____ Nafs-e-Ammaraنفس امارہ, Nafs-e-Lawwamma نفس لوامہ and Nafs-e- Mutmainna نفس مطمئنہ ; these stages of “development” are in fact stages of self realization. The stage of total ignorance of “what-he-is” constitutes a state of Nafs-e-Ammara, where man exists as a biological being only. The moment he realises the reality that he is not a biological entity altogether, he is entitled to enter the spiritual realm. The second stage is Nafs-e-Lawwamma ____ a stage of transition, where he finds occasional glimpses of his real self. This reminiscence and remembrance is accompanied and accomplished with continual repentance, as to why he has forgotten “who-he-is”. This stage and state of repentance is very much loved by his Creator. HE is simply “delighted” that HIS created one is toddling towards HIM. The third and final stage is the stage of deliverance ___نجات ___Mutmainna ____ a state of Peace and Permanence. He finally resolves all his conflicts and paradoxes within him and ultimately he resolves himself to remember (re-member) “WHO-HE-IS”. At this point he is addressed and graciously invited by his Lord to have an abode in the Heaven of Peace, ever after, even before Hereafter.

The travel from darkness (ignorance) to light (gnosis) is not a solo flight. The flight from ground to heaven bears ground reality; control tower of all flights resides on ground. To have self-control, one is to rely on vocal commands of his nearby control tower. Any “one” that is towering his consciousness can do the job for him ___ the job of transforming sound energy into light energy. Even one sentence from control tower can save a flight from being wrecked, forever. Truly said Wasif (Reh): “To a traveller passing through darkness even a voice from afar, serves as a beacon of light”

This WITH-IN-SELF travel, from Nafs-e-Ammara to Lawwamma and then to Mutmainna, raises a man from a state of ASFAL اسفل to AHSAN احسن. It is all about self realization. Highness of his self-realisation bestows him Nearness of HIS HIGHNESS. Nearness of His Highness is attributed to those who acquire and maintain within them HIS attributes.

What attributes, out of innumerable, could a seeker, possibly, acquire to seek His Nearness? The question seems complex but answer is simple, or at least has become simpler out of His Immense Blessings for His bondmen. All attributes that can be attributed to His Beloved Prophet (SAW.) are loved by Him and approved to follow. All that is High, all that seems Esteemed, all Names that are beautiful وللہ الاسسماء الحسنیِ___and all deeds that are good are good to remember. If man could keep on remembering and following the footsteps of His Beloved Prophet (SAW.), he can step forward to an ideal morality ___ideal forever, and for everyone. That morality constitutes a simple way of acquiring the divine attributes صبغۃ اللہ . This MORALITY__تخلقو با اخلاق اللہ ___can sublimate a seeker’s mortality, culminating his mortal being to immortal. In fact, all codes of stepping towards Eternity are decoded by following HIS BELOVED’s footsteps.

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