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To Acknowledge the Knowledge

The real way to know, for a man, is to know that he does not know. This is Socrates’ methodology. It is a simple rule; admit the sphere of unknown and step in the inn of knowledge. This rule overrules the arrogance and prejudice that has overwhelmed common man’s intellect since eons. The pride of what is known blocks the code that decodes common sense into Knowledge.

In addition to Socrates’ path, there is still a safer way to enter the realm of knowledge. It is a two step journey ____ first step is to know a Man of Knowledge ____ and second step is to follow his footsteps, step by step. To acknowledge a man of knowledge is a stepping stone to enter the gateway of Knowledge. It is a step ahead what is known before. It is an evolutionary step of human intellect ___ it is an intellectual migration from characteristics to character_____ and from attributes to essence of the Reality.

A man of knowledge knows the hierarchy of knowledge. To be in the line of knowledge one must get familiar with the lineage that is ahead of him. He who treads the pathway of knowledge does so in following the man who is already on the Path. A true seeker of knowledge is free form pride and prejudices, from grudges and smudges of personal interests. That is why it is easy for him to bow and prostrate, to submit and surrender before Adam, the Image of the Creator___ All Knowing Creator created Adam after His own Form. خلق اللہ الآدم علی صورتہ

Man is the seat of knowledge. Knowledge in abstract form practically exists “no-where”. Abstract knowledge becomes personified in Man and it is he who makes it accessible “now-here”. It is a sure sign of dignity of Man; surely he is a Sign of His Dignity. Man proves himself a transition as well as a meaningful link between abstract and concrete worlds. If Man is set apart, what is perceived as knowledge is but an array of illusions and delusions manifest. Knowledge is not a feat of information; it is a feast of facts____ it is a depiction and derivation of eternal laws, reflecting Divine Wisdom.

Knowledge is imparted_____ from one soul to another. It is an inspiration. Knowledge is a Sacred Trust that can be entrusted to sincerity alone. Sincerity is the pre-requisite to attain knowledge; and to attain sincerity is a life long process because as per definition it is zeroing of personal interests. Sincerity is the transparency of intentions. Depth of knowledge is directly proportional to the depth of sincerity. To attain knowledge one has to be sincere with some-One from head to toe. A man with personal interests and intentions is no more a free man; he is slave of his desires. Knowledge is the Throne of King; slaves of mortal and material intentions are not authorized to step in the Palace.

It is only Sincerity اخلاص that is granted permission to knock at the Door of Knowledge باب العلم . Once the Door is open, City of Knowledge مدینۃ العلم welcomes the seeker of Knowledge.

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