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To Give and Forgive

“God gives and forgives and man gets and forgets”.

“To err is human; to forgive is divine.”

These two sayings of wisdom combined together, give an insight that reveals still another scenario _____ i.e. when man forgets to forgive, he assigns a trait that is erratic to his self. The invisible line that delineates Godliness from man-kind is His infinite ability to forgive. He, Who nurtures Nature with an uninterrupted supply of nutrition, He nourishes the spiritual self of man by granting him perpetual forgiveness. This constant mood and mode of forgiveness is usually taken for granted. That is why, to many, He seems to be unseen. Out of His infinite love, He invites man to acquire His Colour (صبغۃ اللہ ) ____ True Colour of Divinity _____ the Colour of His manners and temperament_____ the Colour that keeps on absorbing everything, reacting and reflecting NO-THING. The paradigm shift from man-conscious to God-conscious seems to be a change of temperament. Man of God gets himself absorbed in HIS COLOUR, so that He can deliver the original hue of Godliness.

To forgive others is dignity. Dignity preludes divinity. By forgiving others we assume, spiritually, a throne of grandeur. We gradually evolve from human-being to being human, when we learn how to forgive. It is this conscious transition that qualifies our self to experience the Hue of Divinity.

Forgiving others is directly proportional to our capacity of love. Hatred de-capacitate us. A man of God is he, who loves man, regardless of his impurities. He, who cannot love, cannot forgive. For love, it is easier to forgive and difficult to go for a penalty stroke.

Learning the art of forgiving and seeking forgiveness was the first step that man has trodden from being savage to civilized. Revenge is a reversal of forgiveness and hence is a retreat from the forefront of humanity. Forgiveness is a sign of valor. Being revengeful is an act of cowardice. By quitting forgiveness, we opt a downhill journey. Revenge and vengeance denote a degradation____ from human grid to a lower grade. Forgiveness is an inclination towards higher realm of humanity; revenge is a decline. Revenge is a raw instinct, inherent to animal kingdom. Migration from animal kingdom to that of human, needs self-discipline. It signifies an important milestone in the journey towards civilization. Forgiving attitude determines our altitude of orbit of higher conciousness. Forgiveness, in its essence is a spiritual experience. Man, in fact, is destined to transcend from material to spiritual sphere; the easiest mode of this transition is forgiving and seeking forgiveness. He, who fails to muster up the courage to seek forgiveness from his fellow-men, will rarely be able to meditate forgiveness in solitude_____ in presence of his Lord.

Like peace, honour and love, forgiving is also a ‘give and take’ phenomenon. You may not have what you have not delivered.

Rule is simple; and this rule rules the nature: sharing lasts longer; isolation is bulldozed by the march of time. Like any rule of nature you must share what you want to have permanently. Life is a transition; it does not stop; that is why possessions in this life are transitory. If man wants forgiveness, he must grant forgiveness. Sharing is having: possessing is losing. Chasing possession becomes an unstoppable obsession. He, who chases possession, becomes possessed. A possessed person is no longer a sane and safe person in a human society. He considers his possessions as his might and thus regards might as his right to rule others. As he is not at peace with IN, he endangers peace with OUT.

He who cannot withdraw from his possessions, he cannot forgive others. Forgiving is a kind of sacrifice. It is only sacrifice that sanctifies the lover to assume the Nearness of Beloved.

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