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To know how to know

Super highway of information technology makes a round trip around the globe with a staggering speed. The speed of transmission of information has literally rocked the cradle mankind, once known as Earth. There echoed bells of applause and jubilation as the speed approached nearly the speed of light in a fiber glass. But this goblet of IT remained empty; it fails to satisfy the real needs of man. Instead it fuels his lust for speed, often misspelled as need for speed. The growth of IT and its accompanying culture is exponential. The space craft of this technology seems to be a lone vessel wandering in immense vastness of space, but with no standing direction and leading nowhere to settle.

Man is a composite structure; it has an outer shell as well an inner self. As man is expanding outward horizontally, he must rise in his Inner self vertically, too. Beauty is a phenomenon manifest in the form of best possible proportion. A disproportionate growth has disfigured his world. IT may well acquire the speed of light but it is devoid of light. There is abundance with no peace. There are innumerable possibilities to make friendships but no friend to accompany in hardships. Man’ increasing speed of material progress has warranted even a better self-control. Self-control is a matter relating with Inner Self. Science deals with bodies, and knows no soul. It is a self-consciousness that creates awareness of need for self-control.

Mother Nature nurtures every aspect and facets of the creatures. Man needs nourishment of both body as well his soul. Body is bound to breathe and then breathe its last. Body is born to grow, to glow and then to fade out to go old. Even golden figures get disfigured and revert to the gold mines. Death is the final destiny of life. It is quite natural for a body to be born and then die at its destined pace within its designed time frame. But soul belongs to a different scenario; it is created for eternity. It is never designed to get lost in abyss of time and space. Since soul will live forever; that is why it would be a great loss if it get corrupted. When corrupted, it has to suffer forever. For an entity that is eternal, it will be a total loss if it fails to attain the eternal bliss. Guidance of soul means its acquaintance to stations of blissful eternity. Soul gets corrupted if it falls in a state of denial of its own existence or it fails to realize its very state of immortality. Guidance paves the way to self-recognition. Regarding Self, to have is not to know but to know is to have. From mortality to immortality is migration of man-conscious to Divine Conscious. From Union to Unison is the ultimate purpose of creation.

These are not the scientists but saints who address and redress the inner aspect of Self. Eternal bliss lies in the discovery of Self. Outer world consists of similes to understand the Inner Self. Men of Understanding (اولوالالباب) correlate Outer World with the Inner World. Their TRANSLATIONS, in this regard become mile stones for the wayfarers of Truth.

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